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Qtrainers’ sole purpose is to– Help connect the training provider and the training seeker. By registering with us, trainers can interact with potential customers and companies can find effective trainers. On our search engine, you can search, connect, and collaborate for free.

We have specifically designed Qtrainers to meet global training needs of individuals, companies, and institutions, effectively. At Qtrainers, users can find a diverse abundance of, well- trained trainers that provide training courses in various fields. Finance training courses, sales management training courses, soft skills training courses, personality development training courses, IT training courses, SAP training courses are to name a few. All training courses for the topics are delivered by certified trainers and in fact, well known popular corporate trainers as well.


At Qtrainers, you can search and connect with the best trainers in India many from major metropolitan cities. You can find leading corporate trainers in Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi and Chennai on our search engine. You can even find freelance trainer under your budget. You can also search for certification training courses offered by the certified trainers on our platform.

Over the years, Qtrainers have been successful in connecting with some of the best corporate trainers and coaches such as Asif Basra, Vishal Thakkar, N K Sundaram, Amit Gupta, Mihir Koltharkar and many more, providing some of the best training courses in India. You can contact excellent course trainers and take training courses available through our website to sharpen your and your employee’s skills and give your competitors a run for their money. You can have a look at all the training events happening near you and gain training and certification as well!

In this world of globalization, Qtrainers is a remarkably a standalone training website, developed with keeping in mind the needs of the training industry in general and employee training and development in particular. We provide connectivity to professional training programs and training courses including corporate training courses and certificate programs by certified company trainers. Genuine and reliable reviews, provided by those who have already gained service through a particular trainer, are also published to help you understand the fruitfulness of that trainer.

You may enter your training requirements to communicate what topic and skills you are looking for in a trainer. Interested trainers will contact you, and you can choose for the best among them.


Are you a corporate trainer/ training company looking to connect with your clients? Look no more, we’ve got you covered! Various corporate trainers and training companies in India are now able to search and connect with their clients through our website.

Looking for freelance training jobs and training vacancies on various websites? We’ve got you covered! Freelance trainers all over India are keen on expanding their training business through our website, by searching for various companies requiring their services.

Looking to publish your training event, to connect with the clients near you? Yes, we’ve got you covered! At Qtrainers, you can promote your training and courses to call your audience at the event.

By registering on our platform, you can build your digital profile that showcase your skills, knowledge, experience, and track record. You can also keep track of what training requirements are in play. If you are a novice in this domain, you can build your career here and achieve potential customers. At Qtrainers, you can find well-known training companies like Anexas, Eastcorp, Solvexis, DMIOA, itskillstraining, Glory IT, MyndWorks, Princeton Academy, ISPE, ConTeTra etc. alongside whom, you can leave your mark as an effective trainer. All trainers and training companies can collaborate with each other, exchange and learn training ideas, and can host events together.

India is the land of the smart and sharp. We have the best leaders, take any major big-league company, for example, they all are run by capable Indian CEOs. From Satya Nadella as Microsoft's CEO to Sundar Pichai and Indra Nooyi running Google and PepsiCo, respectively, India is touching heights. In this newfound theory of survival of the smartest, Indian training industry is not left behind. Qtrainers is giving our talented Indian trainers a chance to expand beyond and reach the dream of their success by connecting globally. As an effective platform connecting corporate trainers who can provide international training courses, with an international audience. We are looking forward to getting recognized globally.


An event is created by the trainer/ training company in order to attract interested clients who require training in the topic(s) specified by the trainer. You can publish the event(s) you are conducting and reach interested participants who want to book seats without the involvement of any middleman. By posting your upcoming training events on our platform, you can publicise the events and reach the target audience you seek.

Trainers can create events or training workshops, and reach an audience looking for events in nearby cities. Selling tickets for your training events is made easy and reliable through our website. Exploring Events and buying tickets can also be done through our website.