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Mihir Koltharkar is a highly accomplished and a renowned International Corporate Trainer, Motivational Speaker and Business Coach with a rich experience spanning seventeen years. He has helped companies to improve their business performance through his High Quality, High Value Training and Coaching sessions.​As an internationally recognized trainer in Sales, Service and Leadership Strategies, Mihir delivers in his unique and engaging way, the powerful principles which can accelerate organizational growth. He has a proven track record of growing the organizational revenues spanning Manufacturing, Telecom, Banking, Consulting, Real Estate, Contact Centers, Facilities Management and many more. He has successfully conducted 2000+ sessions in seven countries. ​Thousands have been inspired and motivated to take charge of creating the desired results. Mihir knows how to bring out the best in people whether it is through an individual coaching session to discuss business and life challenges or through training sessions which bring out the transformation!Mihir works with a diverse clientele and uses his knowledge, skills and expertise to bring a desired positive change in short period.​Mihir’s educational qualifications include – MBA, NLP, Kaizen, Total Quality Management, Six Sigma, PMP and is a certified assessor in EFQM Framework. He is currently pursuing his PhD. and is author of 'Double Your Sales!!'. ​Mihir’s methodology includes a set of advanced training techniques, a blend of activities, powerful presentations, NLP, movie-based learning, traditional role plays, simulations and case studies. He makes the subject ‘come alive’ during the training sessions so that the participants can go back and ‘make it real’ in their work environment. This methodology is easily customized to suit the unique needs of each organization.​He is preferred for Increasing Sales, Service and Developing Leadership.

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Maharashtra, India
English, Hindi (हिंदी), Marathi (मराठी)

Mumbai, 2013

Mumbai, 2013

American Board of NLP, 2012

IBSM, 2012

ISBM, 2012

Mumbai, 2012

Mumbai, 2012

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What if you could learn the secrets to supercharge your sales performance? In ‘Double Your Sales!!’ Mihir Koltharkar reveals a time tested, structured approach to sales that can bring extraordinary results. He shares interesting insights about buyer’s mindset, usually a black box for most sales professionals, forming the basis of a pragmatic sales approach. The greatest advantage of ‘Double Your Sales!!’ is its applicability to sales people across domains at various stages of their careers. • Take Control Of Your Sales Career - NOW • Exceed Ambitious Targets - CONSISTENTLY • Double Your Sales - ACTUALLY His simplistic way of looking at complex things and robust fundamentals to attain goals, have facilitated sales transformations in many organizations across the globe. Individuals and organizations have witnessed an immediate 10%-30% growth by applying the principles shared. He spreads positivity wherever he goes, and is lovingly called ‘The Smiling Buddha of Sales’ for his wisdom in the domain. Having trained over 30,000 sales professionals, Mihir believes that motivating and enabling people to maximize their potential, is his life purpose. ‘Impossible’ is just a word; ‘Possible’ is the way of life! ®

Mihir is a great individual full of life, cheer and commitment. It was indeed a pleasure to have worked with him.

Mihir is an efficient and competent trainer. He commands excellent balance between drive for result and people relationship.

Superb attitude! He is an excellent team player, manages and coaches them to perform they way he does and easily rubs in his own attitude to other members of the team, you can always see Mihir speaking even if you spoke to the team.

A Born Performance Enhancer who has depicted that a Training Session becomes Successful if only the Trainer enjoys the Training Process as much as the Trainee.

Mihir is passionate training professional. He does not think twice before taking big responsibilities and is a manager\u2019s delight! I recommend him with two thumbs up !!

Mihir made me to know that those who turn out to be the best, are those who make the best out of the way things turn . is once in a life time kind of person. I can't thank you enough. God bless you!

Great knowledge, great workshop. Totally a different experience. Each point and technique was explained in a different way. It was just excellent. We did not realize how time flew!

Mihir's session was very interactive, having new and relevant information with practical techniques. It was just perfect for me. The experience was great!

Mihir has an excellent way of imparting subject knowledge. Looking forward to be part of more such sessions.\u200b

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