Qtrainers.com is 1st ever platform specifically designed for corporate trainings globally.

Qtrainers allows all corporate trainers to register themselves with this portal globally, so that any company who is seeking a particular training can search a trainer for relevant skills on this website and connect with them directly.

Till now, many big companies offer training services through training vendors or in-house trainers who are working with them. With Qtrainers.com, corporate find it not just easy to connect with Training providers but also to save cost by eliminating the huge margins retained by the Training Vendor who ultimately use the services of Freelance Trainers. The main advantages are cost savings and increased flexibility, while maintaining Transparency.

Qtrainers has a vision to create a transparency in the field of Corporate Trainings.

For Companies

The Transparency between company and the trainers, any company who are looking for the training can save huge amount of money because they are dealing directly with the trainers or with any training vendors.

Easy Selection

Companies can go through the portal and search the trainers for their specific requirement or skills.

Time and Money Saving

Companies can either post their training requirement or they can search the trainers through Qtrainers.com database and connect with them directly, with this they can save their time on negotiating the price with the training vendors.

For Trainers

We understand that every corporate trainer is busy most of the time in making their training programme more effective or else they are giving the training in some other companies. Trainer’s personal marketing is done mostly through the word of mouth.

Trainers rarely have time to market themselves, until they are famous or popular in the industry. They are famous through training vendors or the companies to whom they are providing the trainings. (NEED TO MAKE BETTER SENTENCE)

Qtrainers.com will be promoting and branding itself on a global platform so that every trainer who is register on this portal will get an exposure and searched for their training programmes globally

All corporate who require any training skills worldwide; they will post their requirements on this portal. So any trainer who is registered with Qtrainers.com will be able to see and connect for the trainings listed by the companies.

YES. International Clients can also select trainers from other countries as well. Every company has to decide that which trainer is good for their specific requirements. But for some project they might prefer the trainers who reside in their country. On the other hand it might be chances that they will hire the trainers from other low cost countries to make use of cost advantages or for few specialized trainers they have to depend upon other countries trainers too which is not easily provided by their local training vendors.

Yes Qtrainers.com is helpful for both Freelance Trainers as well as for Training Companies. There are many companies who are looking for different type of trainings; in this case they will prefer the training companies than an individual for their training programmes.

Yes, it will immediately effect on your profile.

Qtrainers.com gives the confidence that the Trainer details shared has been verified by us and the Trainer is a genuine and for further communication we can share the details of training on registered email id.

Please check your inbox and spam/junk folder.

Yes, Qtrainers.com welcomes suggestions for more courses, just email info@Qtrainers.com with your suggestions.

Qtrainers.com enables members to keep their details up to date by logging in to the Edit profile and manages their own profile. When a trainer clicks on the Update button in Edit Profile-Edit your details, Qtrainers.com is notified on the request to amend the details held. The update button is disabled in Edit your details until Qtrainers.com has approved/disapproved the request.

Within 14 days you can connect Qtrainers.com to retrieve you account by providing the relevant details of your account as requested by Qtrainers.com team and your account will be reactivate post verification by our Qtrainers.com team.

No, you cannot promote other user training programmes on your profile and if you are determined promoting others training programmes that you do not own, i.e., stolen work, then your account will be closed and legal action may be taken against you.

To stop receiving any of the email notification, go to the Edit Profile page, login and you will then have access to your profile management facility where you can turn on or off the email notifications.

Yes, any Trainer can upload all training courses.

You can only follow that company who has accepted your following request.

There are many reasons for suspending a user’s account:
• Posting invalid or improper content in a course description, or on the messages. This may include advertisements and illegal or inappropriate information.
• Creating multiple accounts. Users can only have ONE account, which can use to both hire and for searching training programmes.
• Violating the Qtrainers.com Terms and Conditions. This may also result in account termination. Please read and understand our Terms and Conditions before using the site.

If you believe your account has been suspended in error, please send an email to info@Qtrainers.com using your registered email address.

We do not allow courses with content that may harm the business operation or reputation of Trainers or cause a possible loss of services of its companies.
Following is a list of some of the projects that violate our Terms and Conditions:
• Advertising services
• Buying/selling/creating of Accounts (email, eBay, social media sites, etc.)
• Buying/selling of likes or followers in social media accounts
• Generation of fake reviews
• Hacking
• Scam Training Programmes
• Selling of end courses
• Selling of stolen courses
Please refer to our Terms and Conditions and Code of Conduct if your project did not fall on of any above.

Selling at Qtrainers

Qtrainers post events related to Corporate Training and Corporate Events.

No, we are not taking any charges for publishing the event on Qtrainers. We only charge when tickets are sold at Qtrainers

You can create your account by signing up on Qtrainers or else you can also signup via Google+, Facebook, and LinkedIn etc. After creating an account you can add your event in detail. Add event

If you are already registered member then you can login and add your event details. Add Event

We will send you an email notification to update a status on your promotion.

We will send you the update on the same or else you can request the same to Qtrainers Team by sending a mail at info@qtrainers.com.

You will receive an email notification on your registered email id on every ticket which is booked through Qtrainers.

No, we are not providing any sales guarantee.

If you want us to promote you training event through our marketing chanel, we request you to write us at info@Qtrainers.com, it will be the nominal charges for promoting the event and to reach the targeted audience.

* You can change the content or the trainer only if no booking has been made at Qtrainers.

* If any seat is booked then you can not chage anything.

We are charging 7% commission on per ticket sold from Event Organiser.

If you want to sell the event on Qtrainers, in that case you can add your bank details. Otherwise it is not necessary to add the bank details.

We can do partial payment before the event but you have to put a request by sending an email to us at info@qtrainers.com.

We required following documents to make the partial payment:

  1. Affidavit stating that you will be conducting this event and has no intention to cancel it or postponed the event along with 2 two witness on INR 100 Stamp Paper(Notarised)
  2. Details stating that 100% of your seat booking is complete
  3. Confirmation of the venue booking along with the payment made for the booking
  4. Full details of the owners of the event company along with ID Proof.

After the event, the ticket amount will be transferred into your bank account via NEFT with 3-5 working days If there is no dispute raised stating that training did not happen.

Once you cancelled the event the same will be broadcast to the attendees through Qtrainers.

You can send us a mail at info@qtrainers.com with the reason of cancellation and the order id. We will process the amount within 72hours.

Buying at Qtrainers

Request you to check you internet connectivity or firewall settings before booking a ticket. If you still have problem, please contact us through phone or email provided on the website.

You can visit the profile section to update your contact information, if you still face any problem request you to visit the support section (Support), if still problem persist, you can write to us at info@Qtrainers.com

You will receive a confirmation email from Qtrainers after booking the tickets. You can show this confirmation email at the venue along with your ID proof.

If you wish to seek discount, you can write to the event organiser, or can reuest us to talk to the organiser on your behalf.

You can get the information about the event on our website under the event details. Else you can contact the organizer through our Qmail service.

Request you to communicate with the event organiser for the same

In case of event cancellation by the organiser, then the amount will be refunded in your account within 7-14 business working days. In case, if it will take more than 14 days then you can send us an email at info@Qtrainers.com.

In case of failed transaction, if any amount is been deducted, the deduct amount will automatically get reversed and credited to your account within 7-14 working days. If not the please feel free to contact us.

We request you to send us an email from your registered email id with the screenshot of bank statement which shows the amount is debited from your account along with your User-Id. We will ensure that you receive the confirmation of your booking OR we will refund the amount to your bank account.

Once you done with your booking, you will receive a confirmation email on your registered email id.

It will take 7-14 business working days to complete the process. If you have not received the amount on the mentioned time period, then send us a email with your ticket cancellation details. We will ensure that you receive your money ASAP

There are no hidden charges while booking the tickets from attendees. The display price you see is including of all the fees, charges and taxes.

No, you don’t have to carry printed copy of tickets. You can show the confirmation email or the message at the venue ticket counter.

Yes, you can change it but you have to contact the event organizer and update them.

You can book your tickets via Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, PayUMoney, Paytm Bank, Cheque and you can also transfer the amount through bank.

We will send you the details on your registered mail id.

It depends on the organiser, if they enabled the pay at venue option, then only you can pay at the venue.

We will advise you to carry a printed copy of your ticket or else you can show the digital copy or message which you have received on you registered number.

No, once sold/purchased ticket will not be refunded.